What's GOING ON @ Resonate?

We're open!

If you're wanting to come to our live service we ask that you adhere to the following to keep everyone safe:

  • Upon your arrival, you will be asked 2 questions:

                    Do you have a fever or are you feeling unwell?

                    Have you knowingly been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

If you answer "yes" to either question, we ask that you please stay home and watch our live stream on our YouTube Channel listed below.

  • Please wear a mask at all times. If you do not have one, we can provide one for you as well as gloves.
  • Sit in household groups only with 6 feet social distancing from others.
  • Please bring your own snacks and drinks as we are unable to provide due to health safety being our #1 priority and please take your trash with you. 

Our YouTube Channel for videos and live streaming: 

            Ladies Bible Study Program:

  • Will resume after the new year!

            Resonate Bible Study:

  • Sunday, November 22nd; A Week of Thanksgiving (7 days)

This is a virtual bible study program using the Holy Bible You Version app. You can do it at your own pace, but we can comment, ask questions and have a discussion together as a group! To sign up for any of these studies, please reach out to Becca directly or send a text to our Text in Church number @ 253-455-7594.

The Women's Ministry is collecting specific items for each month to put blessing bags together at the end of the year to benefit Rebuilding Hope Sexual Assault Center in Tacoma

Here is the list of items. What we have collected so far is in (parentheses) ***Please check expiration dates as we can't donate anything that will expire before the end of the year***:

FULLFILLED/NO LONGER NEEDED January: individually wrapped toothbrushes (30 toothbrushes & we've received 10 floss packs as a bonus item!)

February: toothpaste (Overall we've collected 18 full size and 15 travel size, however, because some are already expired, we can only donate 8 of the full size and 9 of the travel size. Please check expiration dates and make sure they don't expire until 2021)

FULFILLED/NO LONGER NEEDED March: deodorant for Men & Women (18 Men's, 22 women's & 4 women's travel size)

April: full size bottles of shampoo & conditioner (4 full sized shampoos, 3 full sized conditioners and 4 travel shampoos)

May: feminine hygiene products (5 boxes of tampons & 3 packs of pads)

FULFILLED/NO LONGER NEEDED June: bar soap & new wash cloths (105 bars of soap & 32 wash cloths)

July: combs, brushes & chapstick (10 chapsticks, 14 combs & 5 brushes)

August: small packs of tissue/Kleenex & q-tips (28 packs of tissue & 16 travel q-tip containers)

September: summer & winter socks for Men & Women (8 women's winter, 10 Women's summer, 16 Men's long athletic socks, 6 youth summer)

October: beanies, gloves & scarves (11 beanies)

November: small first aid kit & hand sanitizer (2 kits & 1 sanitizer)

December: anything we are short on for bag assembly

For any questions please text: 253-455-7594